The China International Private Equity Forum (CIPEF) is a major international conference approved by the State Council and co-hosted by the Tianjin Municipal People's Government, the All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China and the US Association for Corporate Growth (ACG).

CIPEF has been held successfully 10 times since its inauguration in 2007. CIPEF has stuck to the purpose of "participating in global capital flow, creating a direct financing platform, serving the healthy growth of enterprises and promoting the sustained development of the economy", and the core concept of "promoting trade through exchange, creating value through trade and leading development through technology". Over the past decade, CIPEF has brought together over 65,000 industrial elitists from across the world to Tianjin, to promote exchanges and cooperation, and seek business opportunities in China.



CIPEF is one of the most effective and fruitful meetings in China. During the two days in Tianjin, you can participate in:

Capital connection: Over 1,500 business and technology enterprises, as well as nearly 1,000 financial institutions will seek good business partners and more cooperation opportunities to accelerate the high-efficiency matching of projects with capital;

Summit forums: Over 10 high-end forums will be held during the two days, covering issues such as private equity, investment and M&A, financial leasing, technology finance, commercial factoring, Internet finance and investment in China. Global elitists and business leaders will share their incisive views, disclose development trend and point out industrial direction.

Exhibitions: Guided by the concept of "technology promotes development, finance boosts entities", cutting-edge technologies and innovative financial products will be presented to accomplish the seamless connection between capital and the market;

Road shows: Seeking investment cooperation through fine project road shows; seeking good M&A targets; and seeking the market by launching innovative financial products.

Business exchanges: Tennis classic, leadership breakfast meeting, luncheon show, fund night, Haihe River cruise, Tianjin quyi (folk art forms) and other business events will create a relaxing and free communication environment for you.

Composition of Attendees

Business and technology enterprises 62%

Financial institutions 26%

Intermediaries 11%

Government departments and competent industrial authorities 1%


Results & Contributions

CIPEF introduced the concept of private equity fund to China for the first time, to boost the development of direct financing in China, and make Tianjin a center of equity fund development in China. The new investment and financing concept brought by CIPEF has been widely recognized by the industry.

CIPEF has created a low-cost, high-efficiency and normalized matchmaking model integrating pre-forum project screening and investment matching, in-forum capital connection and speed "dating", and post-forum follow-up and alliance;

CIPEF has promoted the integration of "technology with finance", and served enterprise innovation and upgrading, so as to become a long-acting carrier of technology finance promotion and development.

CIPEF has established a connection and transaction platform centering on capital transaction, created a standardized operation mechanism and business model, built an internationalized market-oriented industry service chain, and promoted international cooperation and exchanges.